Dallas McMillan

Director, Influential Branding + Social Business

Dallas-McMillan-Dallas McMillan is the founder and director of Influential Digital: A Cairns Web Design, Branding and Marketing Agency.
Dallas has a passion for digital branding and social business, is a published author, web developer and social media consultant.
Dallas enjoys being on the bleeding edge of digital branding and design and helping people leverage new media to grow their business, their personal brand, and become leaders within their sphere of influence.

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Personal Branding for Professionals – how your appearance matters

Personal Branding and Professional Brands are often discussed together as if they are opposites, which is ironic because for most professionals your professional brand is very much a personal brand. Professionals primarily deliver their clients value by their services (rather than products) and these services are usually tailored to the individual, and thus personal in… Read More »

Why professionals fail on social media

"We tried Social Media once... it didn't work"

  I’ve long been fascinated with how “serious” businesses like professional service firms can use tools like social media, blogging and digital marketing to grow their practice. It’s no secret that the way people search for, compare and buy products and services has changed enormously in the last decade. Remember the last time you used… Read More »

Is Influence the Currency of the new Social Economy?

Influence Economy

Understanding influence is central to understanding the future of business The rise of social media and influence monitoring tools like Klout means that we can now measure the previously invisible interactions that mark and transmit influence within human networks. In the increasingly important Social Economy, influence is something that brands and marketers are struggling to… Read More »

Your brand story – more important than your product?

Brand story

If you are in the business of selling products and services, you could be facing extinction. Throughout human history, access to resources, and the tools, processes and systems to turn those resources into useful stuff have been scarce. At times there has also been a scarcity of labor of sufficient skill to supply services such as… Read More »

The Hero With a Thousand Faces – The Mythic Brand


A great brand is more than a logo, business name and tagline, they stand for something unique and special, they  powerful emotional and subconscious perceptions of value, meaning and status which are unqiue to that brand. This translates as loyalty, trust, and connection among their customers.   Creating a great brand really relies on expressing your… Read More »

Define: Influential

Influential - having great influence on something or someone

in·flu·en·tial   /ˌinflo͞oˈenCHəl/ Adjective Having great influence on someone or something. How we define influence and being influential at Influential Digital To us, influence is effective communication that delivers results. Being influential isn’t so much about “how to make friends and influence people” or controlling people or situations. It is identifying what you really care… Read More »

On doing what you love

To make a career of doing what you love, you need to combine it with two other essential attributes: You need to be good at it, and you need people to pay you to do it.

Social Media, Google and the Web has changed our lives forever, and for the better I realise there are also real downsides which we are only just beginning to see, but lets face it, it isn’t going anywhere, so we need to learn to adapt and make it work for us, rather than trying to… Read More »

The Shareable Brand

The shareable brand

The way people discover, research and choose products, services and businesses has been changed forever by Google, the web, and social media. Old marketing strategies like interruption (advertisments in the middle of your favorite TV show etc) just aren’t working anymore. Now the best brands are letting their customers do their marketing for them –… Read More »

Inbound Marketing Process – Attracting Clients


One of the most important trends in marketing over the last decade is the shift toward inbound marketing. Inbound Marketing involves getting prospective clients to find you, rather than chasing them. When most of use think of marketing, we think of outbound marketing – also known as push marketing or interruption marketing. The most familiar examples of… Read More »

Why your social media ROI sucks (but you should keep doing it anyway)

Video thumbnail for youtube video Why your social media ROI sucks (and why you should keep doing it) - influential

Social Media has become an essential part of marketing your business online., with over 90% of businesses now using Social Media. Is social media really worth your time, money and effort though? Most businesses are wasting their time on social media Unfortunately, the majority of businesses get a very poor return on investment from their… Read More »