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Dallas McMillan - Marketing Consultant and High Value Sales Coach
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Define: brand
Jan 19 2013

What is a digital brand?

Before we start creating a digital brand, it is important to understand what a brand is. The meaning of the word brand has changed a lot over the years. What is a brand? A couple of hundred years ago, a brand was something people used to mark cattle, horses and other animals that they owned - it was usually applied by heating a metal implement with a pattern, letters or numbers to the unfortunate animal. In the early to mid 20th Century, a brand was a name and logo of a company. By...

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Creating an Influential Brand

Welcome to a level playing field Our world has changed dramatically in the last few years with the rise of the internet, social media, mobile computing and other technological developments. This online evolution is transforming business, careers, marketing, socialising, learning and practically every other aspect of life. Democratization of media and publishing means that marketing yourself or your business has changed for ever. Suddenly anyone, anywhere in the world has access to communication tools which are powerful, instant and free - and there are no limits on what they can achieve. Small up-and-coming brands...

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Adding video to your Linkedin profile

The new Linkedin profile now supports media uploads, such as videos, presentations, images and documents. Learn how to spruce up your Linkedin profile in this short video. Linkedin Profile videos help you stand out from the crowd! [leadplayer_vid id="510B523AD31C3"] In this short video I’m going to show you how we can add videos, presentations and other media to our LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn previously supported a SlideShare app which let you show slides and video on your LinkedIn profile.  They've recently stopped supporting the Slideshare app and have now replaced it with native LinkedIn media player. ...

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