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Your brand story – more important than your product?

If you are in the business of selling products and services, you could be facing extinction. Throughout human history, access to resources, and the tools, processes and systems to turn those resources into useful stuff have been scarce. At times there has also been a scarcity of labor of sufficient skill to supply services such as turning resources into useful stuff, or helping people choose or use their stuff. In the early 21st century in spite of incredible depletion of the world's natural resources, there remains a surfeit of stuff - with more...

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The Hero With a Thousand Faces – The Mythic Brand

A great brand is more than a logo, business name and tagline, they stand for something unique and special, they  powerful emotional and subconscious perceptions of value, meaning and status which are unqiue to that brand. This translates as loyalty, trust, and connection among their customers.   Creating a great brand really relies on expressing your essence as a story which people connect with on a deeper level. Many people and businesses can't imagine summing themselves up in a story. They feel like "But I'm pretty boring", or "Everyone knows what I do"...

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The Shareable Brand

The way people discover, research and choose products, services and businesses has been changed forever by Google, the web, and social media. Old marketing strategies like interruption (advertisments in the middle of your favorite TV show etc) just aren't working anymore. Now the best brands are letting their customers do their marketing for them - they are leveraging the power of sharing. Personal referrals and recommendations are still gold Personal advice from the people we trust is still the most powerful factor influencing our purchasing decisions, but the way these are communicated and...

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