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Social Business

Why your social media ROI sucks (but you should keep doing it anyway)

Social Media has become an essential part of marketing your business online., with over 90% of businesses now using Social Media. Is social media really worth your time, money and effort though? Most businesses are wasting their time on social media Unfortunately, the majority of businesses get a very poor return on investment from their social media efforts. Social media is often free or cheap to use, but it can be very expensive in terms of time and effort required to get results. For most businesses, this means that social media is costing them...

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Social business
Jan 30 2013

Social Business Revolution

Prospering in the new digital economy requires you re-think about how you approach your business, your team and your customers. Social Business means more than Social Media To many businesses “doing social” means posting some ads and pictures on their Facebook page. Social media is our first glimpse of how social technology is going to change how we interact and work together, but it is just the beginning. The invention of the Gutenberg press in 1450 led to the renaissance and enlightenment, transforming human culture forever. Today the Internet and social media are...

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Becoming a social business

How to become a social business To survive and thrive as a business in the new digital economy you need to do far more than just put out digital equivalents of your TV and print advertising. There is an argument that if businesses aren’t ruthless, self-serving and deliberately ignorant of the needs of others they will go broke, and this has certainly been the strategy of some of the most successful businesses over the past decades. However business leaders are increasingly adopting a new approach that combines the benefits of capitalism with...

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