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Linkedin Network Map Tool - Influential - Marketing Consultants specialising in High Value Sales
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Linkedin Network Map Tool

Linkedin Network Map Tool

Picture your Linkedin network…

Having trouble? Our brains haven’t quite caught up with technology when it comes to networking and social media. Make it easier for yourself! Get an overview of your Linkedin network with the official Linkedin mapping tool

As our networks and online presence grow, it is becoming increasingly challenging to understand exactly what our online presence means.

Linkedin offers a great tool to help your visualise your Linkedin network.

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See how different groups of people in your network are connected and related

You can see from my network that I have several large clusters of contacts – these represent different areas of my online and real life professional connections. For example, the blue cluster on the left is Cairns Business people and professionals. The red-orange cluster at the top right is Australian Veterinarians, whereas the yellow-orange cluster at the bottom right represents a group of mostly American and UK based international vetinarians. Between these two groups of vets is a scattering of light blue contacts – these are mostly in the paraveterinary field – sales, training and recruitment professionals who specialise in the veterinary field.

There are a few other smaller groups as well.

Linkedin Maps Dallas McMillan

I think this is a great tool to help you visualised and understand your networks, particularly as your network grows, or expands into new areas.

A useful tool in using Linkedin for business

You can use a tool like this proactively too – let’s say you had found a couple of new clients or big deals, and then noticed they were closely related on the map. Studying how they fit into your network and how you could further expand your network in this area could help identify new prospective clients or business partners.

Visit Linkedin Maps and view your network now

Get a good idea of what are the primary groups of people in your network. 

Are there any groups of your real world network who are poorly represented (eg work colleagues, contacts from school, past workmates, people in your profession, local networking, business or sporting clubs?)

You might want to save a screenshot of your Linkedin network map for future reference.

In my case the international vet group was not easily discerned last time I ran the tool, whereas now it is one of the most prominent clusters of contacts on the map.

For a further quick overview, check out the summary video from the chief scientist at Linked in – DJ Patel.

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Have you used the Linkedin Map tool? Tell us your experiences in the comments.


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1 Comment
  • How do you get a grasp on your Linkedin or other Social Media networks? What are your favorite tools?

    February 1, 2013 at 10:43 pm

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