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The Shareable Brand - Influential - Marketing Consultants specialising in High Value Sales
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The Shareable Brand

The Shareable Brand

The shareable brand

The way people discover, research and choose products, services and businesses has been changed forever by Google, the web, and social media. Old marketing strategies like interruption (advertisments in the middle of your favorite TV show etc) just aren’t working anymore.

Now the best brands are letting their customers do their marketing for them – they are leveraging the power of sharing.

Personal referrals and recommendations are still gold

Personal advice from the people we trust is still the most powerful factor influencing our purchasing decisions, but the way these are communicated and shared is shifting more into the digital space. Not only are people using tools like social media to share opinions and facts about products and businesses, the very nature of these tools means the reach of these communications has been dramatically increased.


Learning how to harness the power of this virtual referral network is essential for businesses that want to survive, and thrive in the next few years.

In this presentation The Sharable Brand, I explain why your business needs to create remarkable customer experiences and then needs to make these easy for your customers to share online.  We’ll also cover the process of nurturing leads into engaged customers and  passionate brand advocates..

The main topics we’ll cover in The Sharable Brand are:

  1. The new referral process
  2. Online business strategy
  3. Crafting a shareable brand
  4. Building lead and referral systems
  5. The importance of campaigns

I’ll also give you a sneak preview of my brand value elevator process.

Join us at the BNI Cairns Harborview meeting on 26 June, 2013 at the Holiday Inn at 7am. Please give me a call to RSVP in advance, or contact another member of the chapter.

The event won’t be recorded but I will do a follow-up video presentation if you can’t make it.


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1 Comment
  • david pinto

    interesting… just wrote a book, a fictional narrative, and it predicts this… i put it a few years ahead — looks like you pre-empted it 🙂

    June 25, 2013 at 6:43 am

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