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Digital Brand: Why you need one

Why do people and businesses need a digital brand? A strong digital brand is fast becoming your most important marketing tool. Our changing culture, business practices and career paths have mean that strong personal and company digital brands are essential to help you be perceived as a leader in your market. Who needs a digital brand? Professionals Business owners Executives Creatives Politicians Change Advocates Sole Traders Entrepreneurs Small Businesses Companies Anyone who wants to make a difference or become leaders in their field or organisation People and companies who are already influential and want to maintain, consolidate or focus their authority, market share and...

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Define: brand
Jan 19 2013

What is a digital brand?

Before we start creating a digital brand, it is important to understand what a brand is. The meaning of the word brand has changed a lot over the years. What is a brand? A couple of hundred years ago, a brand was something people used to mark cattle, horses and other animals that they owned - it was usually applied by heating a metal implement with a pattern, letters or numbers to the unfortunate animal. In the early to mid 20th Century, a brand was a name and logo of a company. By...

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